Font Aid

Font Aid VIII: A Call to Action

A collaborative typeface for Nepalese earthquake relief

In recent weeks, a pair of devastating earthquakes struck Nepal and the surrounding Himalayan region — causing irreparable damage and killing thousands of people. In response, we have launched Font Aid VIII — a project uniting design communities from across the world to raise funds in support of relief efforts in Nepal.

See the project page for details on how you can participate.


A Brief History of Font Aid

Font Aid I

In 1999, Swedish type designer Claes Källarsson conceived and spearheaded the inaugural Font Aid project. More than 25 type designers participated in the design of a collaborative font. All proceeds from the sale of the typeface were donated to UNICEF to help refugees of war and natural disasters.

Font Aid II: September Eleven

In 2001, the Society of Typographic Aficionados became involved when Stuart Sandler was inspired by Källarsson’s efforts and initiated Font Aid II. A second collaborative typeface was created to benefit the victims of the September 11 tragedies in the United States. The font consisted of nearly 100 question mark glyphs contributed by designers from over 20 countries.

Font Aid III: Fleurons of Hope

In 2005, Building Letters joined forces with SOTA on the Font Aid III project. Uniting the typographic and design communities, Font Aid III raised funds to expedite relief efforts in countries affected by the Indian Ocean earthquake and subsequent tsunamis. More than 220 designers worldwide submitted over 400 glyphs for the collaborative “Fleurons of Hope” typeface.

Font Aid IV: Coming Together

In 2010, SOTA produced “Coming Together”, a font created to benefit Haitian earthquake victims. Consisting of over 400 ampersands, it represented the idea of people coming together to help one another. Nearly 400 type designers, graphic designers, and other artists from around the world contributed to the Font Aid IV project.

Font Aid V: Made For Japan

In 2011, the “Made For Japan” typeface was created to raise funds and expedite relief efforts after the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Within a week of the Font Aid V project launch, nearly 300 contributors from 45 countries had sent in over 500 glyphs representing their personal interpretation of Japan.

Font Aid V: Made For Japan may be purchased for $20US through the SOTA Store.

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All funds raised will be donated directly to the Sogo Japan.

Font Aid VI: Aster Affects

In 2012, Hurricane Sandy struck portions of the Caribbean, mid-Atlantic, and northeastern United States with a vengeance. In response, the “Aster Affects” typeface was created to raise funds for Red Cross relief efforts. Over 250 contributors from 41 countries contributed glyphs to the Font Aid VI in the form of asterisks and other star-inspired symbols.

Font Aid VI: Aster Affects may be purchased for $20US through the SOTA Store.

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All funds raised will be donated directly to the Red Cross.

Font Aid VII: Here Comes The Sun

In 2013, Font Aid VII was launched to raise funds for Philippine Red Cross relief efforts after the events of Typhoon Haiyan. Over 275 designers from 46 countries contributed glyphs to the project with the goal of creating a typeface consisting of images based on the eight-rayed sun from the Philippine flag.


Font Aid is a charitable endeavor. We wish to ensure that we provide the maximum support possible to the people and organization that need it. Any work submitted to a Font Aid project will be deemed a charitable gift and a work made for hire. Whenever possible, we are happy to credit the creativity of the participating designers.